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Don’t let gas prices kick your a**

Don’t let gas prices kick your a**

Americans under 40 are witnessing the highest inflation of their lifetimes. Not since the early 1980s have fuel prices risen as fast as they have over the last 12 months. This not only affects in-house owned vehicle fuel costs but also any drivers that you use for transportation services. Doing more with less is not just a nice idea anymore it is the reality of all transportation providers who are wanting to provide the best services they can at the lowest cost.  Here are a couple of ways that Spedsta can help.

Those providing nutrition programs and meals-on-wheels use Smart Routing Delivery which will allow the driver to optimize his route. Creating these delivery manifests can be tedious and error-prone. Now in 1-click you can get the most optimal route, communicate that to the driver and also handle any changes that might happen at any time.  

During COVID many community-based organizations shuttered their physical buildings to visits but the desire from the community to come for activities and general events had not. Today, this category of transportation needs is exploding.  If you are providing services such as lunch programs, day programs, rural hospital visits, etc getting your clients from their homes to the event is a critical part of the success of the program. Using Smart Routing Pickup is another way that Spedsta can help by providing optimized routes to pick up clients and get them to their appointments on time. Many options exist to make the routing even better through setting wait times, vehicle depart locations, and others.

Demand-response transit, Dial–A-Ride and other similar bus-based programs require 10-20 passengers to be picked up and dropped off dynamically throughout the day at different locations in ONE bus. Handling the logistics, routing, and changes for such a scenario for smaller rural/urban-based community transportation organizations can be a budgetary challenge. Spedsta provides the lowest cost Smart Routing options for these types of providers while still providing all the features to achieve best-in-class service. 

Senior Living homes and Specialized schools also are challenged with shrinking dollars and more demand for transportation services. A typical scenario of transporting clients from one central location to another location (fixed route bus scheduling) is common and tracking, scheduling, and managing these rides while avoiding spreadsheets and paper trails is critical to efficiency.  Digitizing these processes through Spedsta software can make a 2 to 3x reduction in staff costs to manage these types of programs.   Smart Routing Event tools, GPS tracking, and real-time SMS/Voice communications are just one of the many tools that Spedsta can provide to help reduce staff overhead to manage these transportation programs.