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Specialized Transportation Services

Simplify Transportation Management and Reduce Staff Overhead

Whether you are a Senior Living Home, Adult Care Center, Assisted Living, Memory care or Veteran organization we understand the challenges faced by your clients who are unable to drive or have lost their ability to drive.

With SPEDSTA’s advanced scheduling tools, managing routes and pickups is a breeze. Let us handle the logistics while you focus on providing exceptional care.

Managing critical transportation services is a daunting task. However, with the right tools and solutions, we can make it easier for your staff, clients, and drivers to schedule and manage rides. Our goal is to provide a seamless and efficient transportation experience, enhancing the quality of life for your clients.


With SPEDSTA’s drop-off services, you can schedule pickups from a central location and plan optimized drop-offs at different locations. Our automatic route planning feature considers factors such as traffic conditions, distance, and the sequence of drop-offs to create the most efficient route. For example, if passengers A, B, and C are being dropped off after being picked up at a central location, SPEDSTA’s route planning may determine that the most optimized sequence is B, A, C. By optimizing the drop-off sequence, SPEDSTA maximizes efficiency and minimizes travel time for both drivers and passengers.


Equipping drivers with the necessary tools and information is essential to ensuring a smooth transportation operation. SPEDSTA’s driver tools offer a range of features, including GPS-driven location data, digital manifests, maintenance/inspection logs, communication tools with passengers, and real-time handling of exceptions, cancellations, and additions to manifests. These tools enable drivers to navigate efficiently, communicate effectively with residents, and provide an exceptional service.


SPEDSTA’s fixed route scheduling feature simplifies the process of assigning passengers to drivers or vehicles when traveling from one common location to another. Whether you have a predetermined list of passengers for a specific ride or schedule rides on a per-call basis, our platform streamlines the scheduling process. By selecting all the passengers and assigning them with a single click, SPEDSTA generates a comprehensive manifest/stop list for the driver. This eliminates the need for manual record-keeping and ensures efficient transportation operations.


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