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Paratransit and Demand Response

Unlock efficiency and savings

Optimize trip manifests, routing, and enable online booking for industry-leading savings on driver time and vehicle fuel. Support for multi-seat buses, vans, and sedans. Streamline operations and reduce costs today.

Efficient Ride Scheduling and Routing

Paratransit organizations face a unique set of challenges when it comes to transportation scheduling. With costly-to-operate vehicles, constantly changing passenger requests, and the need to route hundreds of rides on a daily basis, efficient software and dispatch automation are not just conveniences but absolute necessities. While legacy software has served large metropolitan transit organizations well, it often comes with a hefty price tag that can be prohibitively expensive for smaller urban and rural organizations. SPEDSTA offers a low-cost scheduling platform that empowers these organizations to maximize their resources and leverage the efficiency of their larger transit counterparts.


With just a single click, SPEDSTA’s robust algorithms take charge of the complex task of ride routing. This feature allows organizations to customize routing options based on factors such as load time, pickup and dropoff windows, seating capacity, number of vehicles, depot location, and more. By creating optimized routes, organizations can significantly reduce fuel costs and minimize driver time, resulting in increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction.


Ensuring the health and reliability of your fleet is paramount. SPEDSTA provides a comprehensive solution by allowing the digital entry and monitoring of critical data points, including shift time, fuel consumption, vehicle inspection checkpoints, start and end mileage, and more. This feature enables organizations to maintain a proactive approach to vehicle maintenance, enhancing safety and minimizing downtime.


Administrators and dispatchers play a crucial role in overseeing the smooth operation of transportation services. With SPEDSTA, they gain real-time visibility into driver routes, enabling them to monitor and manage operations efficiently. The platform offers features such as adding new rides, canceling rides, and removing rides from any given driver manifest in real-time. Furthermore, administrators and dispatchers have the flexibility to copy, pause, delete, or restart manifests as per the evolving needs of the organization. This level of control ensures seamless coordination and empowers the team to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.


Drivers are the backbone of any transportation service, and SPEDSTA provides them with powerful tools to enhance their effectiveness. Through user-friendly tablets or phones, drivers gain access to detailed pickoff and dropoff locations. This feature enables them to navigate efficiently with turn-by-turn directions and GPS location services. Additionally, drivers can directly communicate with passengers and dispatchers, facilitating real-time updates and providing a personalized experience. The platform also allows drivers to gather data, including digital signatures, payment options, and notes, upon confirmation of dropoffs. By streamlining these processes, SPEDSTA empowers drivers to deliver exceptional service and maintain accurate records.


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