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Month: January 2019

Practical Guidance for Managing, Motivating and Engaging the Modern Volunteer Driver

Driving Seniors to scheduled doctor’s appointments, grocery trips and events can be all part of empowering the Senior with an independent and active lifestyle when they experience a loss of drivers license or impaired mobility. Non-profit, city and regional organizations looking to enable such a robust and reliable senior transportation program engage many different transportation options to assist…
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New eBook Released! 5 Tips to Stretch Your Senior Transportation Budget

The Senior populations number one challenge today is accessing safe and reliable transportation in a convenient manner. With over half a million Seniors reluctantly losing their drivers license every year due to physical impairment, affordability or otherwise, family members are struggling to maintain the independence and mobility of their elderly parents. Senior Care, Senior Home…
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SPEDSTA Senior Transportation Mentioned By Aging Expert on Huffington Post

Americans historically have watched 200 Billion hours of TV every year with their free time. Although this statistic is staggering it is insignificant compared to the surplus of time that are being added by the 10,000 Americans who are turning 65 and retiring every day for the next 15 years. The number one asset that…
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