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Month: September 2022

Simplifying the complexity of passenger payments, donations and ride accounting

With the passing of the American Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill in 2022, funding options for elderly, special needs, and disabled transportation programs have increased considerably for volunteer driver programs, Demand Response, Para-transit, and local community transportation programs. Although the exact distribution and management of those funds are still being worked out by the US Department of…
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Bus, van and sedan transportation for Senior Living Homes

81% of adults in the US who are 65 and older still have their driver’s license. As age increases, the percentage of active drivers decreases. That’s because with age comes cognitive and physical changes that impact the ability to safely drive and navigate roads. Senior Living homes understand this problem and actively take steps to…
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AI and Machine Learning for Transportation organizations

In a 2020 SPEDSTA survey of 150+ organizations providing transportation services to the elderly, special needs, and disabled community the #1 problem encountered was recruiting and retaining drivers and service providers. In the post-COVID era, this problem now impacts every part of the organization – from coordinators, managers, dispatchers, and volunteers. The figures are striking…
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How to make every non-profit board meeting boring and uneventful

Product “star” reviews are ubiquitous today and the ability to see the good and bad in any product or service is just a web click away. For example, most negative reviews on Amazon talk about after-delivery support. Suffice it to say if support is great, no one writes a review. If support is bad, however,…
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