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Month: January 2023

Building the uncrashable car

Tesla’s Autopilot, Intel’s Mobileye, and a suite of other technologies are making self-driving autonomous cars closer and closer to reality.  According to Austin Russell of Luminar though, camera systems like Autopilot only solve 99% of all autonomous use cases. This 99% might seem like a lot already but vehicle safety is really about covering the…
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Stellantis AI and autonomous driving for the special needs population

Stellantis is a 400,000 person organization and one of the largest automakers producing 6 million cars per year across 14 brands like Maserati, Jeep, Chrysler and Ram.  Because of this scale Stellantis sits on a massive amount of data which can be brought to bear on its AI capabilities for autonomous driving.  Neda Cvijetic who…
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Treasure Island looks at disabled needs for autonomous vehicles

Treasure Island is an island between San Francisco and Oakland and is about two miles long with Yerba Buena Island is attached to it. Treasure Island is very flat and Yerba Buena Island is very hilly.  A new 2023 pilot funded by the US DOT and San Francisco MTA will create an autonomous shuttle service…
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Autonomous vehicles and underserved populations

Kudos to Alanti Whittemore, who is the director of the Autonomous Vehicle Initiative at SAFE which is a D.C.-based organization doing transportation policy research organization. As a director, she is responsible for helping do policy research and create the political will for a federal policy framework for autonomous vehicles and also helping to articulate all…
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