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Automatic Route Planning

Boost your transportation efficiency with Automatic Route Planning.

Take your transportation operations to the next level with our Automatic Route Planning solution. Experience the benefits of optimized routing, reduced costs, improved customer satisfaction, and streamlined operations. Whether you operate in urban areas or cover vast territories, our software is designed to handle your unique challenges and deliver exceptional results.

Struggling to optimize your sedan, van and bus routes?

Discover the power of Spedsta’s Automatic Route Planning software tools which ensures efficient mutiple pasenger pickup, multiple passenger dropoff, delivery and event transportation scheduling. Our solution elevates your operations by optimizing the routing of your transportation assets which takes into account various factors such as traffic conditions, delivery windows, vehicle capacities, and driver availability to create the most efficient routes for each trip. Whether you manage on-demand transit, meal delivery, or event transportation, our leading-edge technology helps you execute more trips while minimizing driver time and vehicle fuel usage.

Automatic Route Planning

With just a click, our robust algorithms can optimize ride routing based on various factors like load time, pickup and dropoff windows, seating capacity, number of vehicles, and depot location. By creating optimized routes, you can save on fuel costs and reduce driver time, leading to increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Logs

Monitor your fleet’s health effectively by digitally entering and tracking crucial data points such as shift time, fuel consumption, vehicle inspection checkpoints, start and end mileage. This feature ensures that your vehicles are well-maintained, promoting safety and reliability throughout your operations.

Dispatcher Manifest Lists

Administrators and dispatchers have real-time visibility into driver routes, empowering them to make adjustments on the go. Easily add, cancel, or remove rides from a driver’s manifest, and take advantage of features like manifest copying, pausing, deleting, and restarting to adapt to changing circumstances swiftly.

Driver Manifest Lists

Our intuitive tablet/phone interface provides drivers with access to pickoff and dropoff locations. They can communicate directly with passengers and dispatchers, ensuring smooth coordination. Turn-by-turn navigation and GPS location services help drivers navigate efficiently, while features like digital signatures, payment options, and notes enhance the overall passenger experience.


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