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New eBook Released! 5 Tips to Stretch Your Senior Transportation Budget

The Senior populations number one challenge today is accessing safe and reliable transportation in a convenient manner. With over half a million Seniors reluctantly losing their drivers license every year due to physical impairment, affordability or otherwise, family members are struggling to maintain the independence and mobility of their elderly parents. Senior Care, Senior Home…
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SPEDSTA Senior Transportation Mentioned By Aging Expert on Huffington Post

Americans historically have watched 200 Billion hours of TV every year with their free time. Although this statistic is staggering it is insignificant compared to the surplus of time that are being added by the 10,000 Americans who are turning 65 and retiring every day for the next 15 years. The number one asset that…
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SPEDSTA Awarded Commendation by City of San Diego for Helping to Solve the Senior Transportation Challenge

As Seniors move into their later years the question of the right types of transportation to suit their lifestyle becomes a question not only for the Senior but also for family members. In the ideal case, when the elderly parent loses their license due to physical impairment, affordability or by choice family members can pick…
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New eBook on Senior Transportation and Technology!

Check out the new eBook for Senior Centers, Senior Homes and Senior organizations that are providing transportation for the elderly. The eBook describes tips on how to use technology to make senior transportation programs run with less cost while simultaneously helping elderly passengers connect better with available drivers. Some of the topics covered include: –Safety:…
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How Family Members Can Help Coordinate Rides for their Elderly Parents

Spedsta Senior Transportation and Ridesharing has announced their Dispatch and Ride Scheduling software has been released to the Google Android App Store ( .  This app release will allow family members of seniors a unique way to help their elderly parents navigate loss of their car and provide alternative senior transportation options through volunteer drivers…
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How Volunteer Drivers Make a Big Impact

The baby boomer generation’s life has been tough. They have grown up with a 9 to 5 job, steady career growth, nice car and a spacious house.  This is certainly tough compared to the Millennial’s  perception of infinite work possibilities, flexibility and desire to make an impact. Don’t count the Boomers  out though as they…
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Your Grandmother’s Favorite App

The telephone took 7 decades to go from 1% market penetration to 75%.Many middle aged Americans recall how reluctantly their parents transitioned from letter writing to using the phone in the 70s.That same change is happening now with today’s older generation transitioning from the telephone to the mobile phone and internet.Unlike the telephone though, the…
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Your Car on Facebook

What type of car most reflects your personality? When Carmax asked this question when they first started the company, it was not surprising that many people had a ready answer.Cars are a deeply ingrained part of most people’s personality in the USA. A car also has social queues just like any human and these behaviors…
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Spedsta Recognized as one of the “Best Apps of December 2015″ by Discovery Channel

As part of the increasing recognition and importance of serving the growing and aging population, Discovery Channel in association with NewsWatch will be airing a special on technology and Senior Transportation on December 18. The special will highlight the recognition of the Spedsta Ride Management Tools and Passenger/Driver App as one of the Best Apps…
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