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How to Utilize Spedsta’s Scheduling Intelligence for Pickup Pooling Services

How to Utilize Spedsta’s Scheduling Intelligence for Pickup Pooling Services

In this guide we will step through setting up an optimized pickup pooling service using our software. See video walkthrough HERE. Let’s dive into a scenario where we need to pick up multiple passengers and deliver them to a common point like Scripps Hospital, ensuring everyone arrives by 5 PM.

On our admin dashboard, I’ve already scheduled several rides. Our goal is to optimize these rides to ensure timely arrivals without wasting resources. We start by assigning a driver who’s available and ideally located near our passengers for efficiency. Now, let’s get into the actual routing.

In the routing and pickup pooling section of our admin tools, we input the hospital as both the starting and the final destination for simplicity. I set the arrival time to 5 PM, allowing each passenger approximately five minutes to disembark. The software calculates the optimal route and pickup times based on location and traffic predictions, ensuring everyone arrives on schedule.

Here’s the cool part: the software displays an optimized route sequence on the map, showing me the best pickup order. It starts with Betty Boop at 3:45 PM, moves to the next passenger at 4:20 PM, and so on, ensuring everyone reaches the hospital by 5 PM.

Once satisfied with the setup, I confirm the route. All ride times are automatically updated in the system, and the driver receives a detailed itinerary with all pickup times.

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