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How to Customize and Analyze Your Transportation Data with Spedsta

How to Customize and Analyze Your Transportation Data with Spedsta

In this tutorial we will guide you through SPEDSTA’s financial ride accounting and payout features. We’ll start by setting up pricing profiles directly in our admin tools. You can access these settings under ‘Account Settings’ and then ‘Ride Pricing,’ where various options allow customization of charges per mile, pickup, and other specifics tailored for drivers, passengers, or partner organizations. See video walkthrough HERE.

Once pricing profiles are established, I’ll demonstrate how to allocate these profiles to the respective stakeholders, ensuring that drivers understand their payments and passengers see their charges. This transparency helps in maintaining clear communication and managing expectations.

Next, we’ll book a ride. I’ll choose a passenger and assign a driver. For instance, selecting Betty Boop and assigning George as the driver. I’ll input the journey specifics, and upon completion, this ride will appear in our dashboard with detailed financial information visible, depending on the permissions set.

Concluding the ride, I’ll show you how to roll up ride payments into invoices, ideal for monthly accounting or payment cycles. We can select specific rides, generate invoices, and even send payment notifications directly to passengers.

Our financial module comprehensively captures all transactions, allowing for detailed reviews and adjustments as necessary. This seamless integration of booking, pricing, and payment underlines SPEDSTA’s capabilities in managing transportation logistics efficiently.

Join me in exploring these features, and optimize your transportation service management with SPEDSTA.

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