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An Auto Company that Truly Cares About the Elderly

An Auto Company that Truly Cares About the Elderly

There isnt a car commercial that I dont love. They are beautifully made, stunning and rapidly pulls me into the emotion of owning a car through its face paced music, beautiful people and gorgeous landscapes.  Unfortunately although the elderly which make up a large chunk of the spending on cars through their children are largely neglected in the features that are needed to accommodate their unique needs. That could all be changing as the AARP CEO recently announced some of their discussions they are having with car manufacturers. Features such as swivel seats, easy trunk access, spacious doors are all features that could make a huge difference to this largely neglected elderly demographic but its not clear if this is just talk or real.

Japan is one the fastest graying countries in the world where 1 in every 4 persons are over the age of 65, projecting to be 1 in 3 by 2060.  Toyota is taking a serious look at this challenge (or opportunity) by investing heavily in technology and products that are geared towards this demographic. In addition to be one of the largest investors in robotic technology to help around the house, they are now taking a look at ways to help the elderly with their transportation. In a small rural town called Asuke in Japan (has a population of 8300 with 37% people aged 65 and over) they recently announced a program to facilitate coordinated car-sharing and ride-sharing between individuals. Check out the full story HERE.

So far, it looks like Toyota is putting its dollars where its mouth is.

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