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Optimizing Your Transportation Program with Spedsta’s Pivot Tools

Optimizing Your Transportation Program with Spedsta’s Pivot Tools

Hello everyone! In today’s tutorial, I’m diving into the powerful reporting functions of SPEDSTA. We’ll focus on creating custom reports, using pivot tables for in-depth analysis, and exploring the communication logs. See video walkthrough HERE.

First up, let’s head to the ‘Account Reports’ section on our dashboard. Here, I can select any date range to generate detailed reports. These reports show everything from total rides booked—whether they’re confirmed, canceled, or requested—to completions and the number of stops made during that period.

Now, let’s check out the communication logs. This feature is crucial if you need to confirm that emails, SMS, and voice messages were sent successfully. Just a click, and you can view all communications sent during a selected timeframe.

Let’s also explore the ‘Build Your Own Report’ section. This tool is fantastic for tailoring your data examination. For instance, I can drag and drop different data fields into a pivot table, adjusting it to see the status of rides or analyze specific driver and passenger activities.

Explore how simple it is to manage complex data and ensure efficient communication within your transportation service. Don’t forget to investigate these features and tailor your reporting to meet your needs. Thanks for tuning in!

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