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Mastering Direct and Broadcast Booking on Spedsta: A Step-by-Step Guide

Mastering Direct and Broadcast Booking on Spedsta: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this article, we’ll walk through the settings available for broadcasting rides to drivers in SPEDSTA. Check out a video walk through here.

Let’s dive in!

First off, we have the “Ride Booking Types” setting. This allows passengers to either log in and request rides directly or have the admin or dispatch make the requests on their behalf. With this setting enabled, all authorized drivers can receive ride requests directly, streamlining the process. However, if unchecked, ride requests first go through the admin for approval before being broadcasted to drivers.

Next up, we have options for filtering rides based on driver home areas. You can choose to broadcast rides to all drivers or only to those within a specific neighborhood or city area. Additionally, you can set a distance limit from the driver’s home address for ride broadcasting, ensuring they’re within a reasonable range to accept the ride,

Once you’ve configured these global settings, you can book a ride as usual. When booking a ride, you’ll have the option to broadcast it to all drivers or select specific drivers based on their proximity to the pickup and drop-off locations. You can even optimize by selecting the nearest driver to ensure efficient routing and timely pickups and drop-offs.

To further refine driver selection, you can view the latest GPS locations of drivers and their proximity to the pickup and drop-off addresses. This feature comes in handy, especially for meal deliveries or similar services where proximity is crucial for timely deliveries.

So, whether you’re managing passenger requests or optimizing driver assignments, our software provides flexible options to streamline your operations and maximize efficiency. Ready to take your scheduling game to the next level? Contact us as SPEDSTA and let’s get started!

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