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Leveraging Spedsta’s Reports and Charts for Enhanced Decision Making

Leveraging Spedsta’s Reports and Charts for Enhanced Decision Making

This article will guide you through our powerful reporting and member management features within the SPEDSTA software. See video walkthrough HERE. Let’s dive in!

First, we’ll explore the reporting functionality. On the dashboard, click on “My Tools,” then “Account Reports.” Here, you can select any date range, like from March 29 to the end of March, to generate detailed reports. You’ll see statistics such as total rides, cancellations, completions, and charges. The reports also break down data by month, day, time, vehicle, and more. Additionally, you can review communication logs including SMS and voice logs, which are crucial for troubleshooting.

Next, let’s access the member list, which displays all community members including drivers and passengers. Go to “Admin Tools” and select “Account Number List.” This list is exportable to a spreadsheet, allowing you to manipulate data externally. You can search for any member by name or filter by status to see data in an organized, alphabetical or numerical order.

Both these tools are designed to make managing transportation services straightforward and efficient, ensuring you can focus on delivering excellent service. Dive into SPEDSTA now, and take control of your transportation logistics with ease. Thanks for joining this tutorial!

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