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How to Utilize Spedsta’s Automatic Route Planning for Meals-On-Wheels and Delivery Services

How to Utilize Spedsta’s Automatic Route Planning for Meals-On-Wheels and Delivery Services

In this tutorial we are going to show you how our software simplifies complex delivery tasks, focusing on a Meals on Wheels service scenario using SPEDSTA. Let’s dive into booking and routing multiple drop-offs efficiently. See video walkthrough HERE.

Starting on our main dashboard, I select our clients—Betty Boop and Lauren, for example. I’ll demonstrate how to book a service for another client, Frank, ensuring all details like drop-off addresses and meal delivery service type are correctly entered. The key here is setting the pickup location, typically a central depot like a church where meals are prepared.

Next, we move to our routing module, where I’ll orchestrate the most efficient paths for these deliveries. Our software calculates the best routes, assigning them to a driver—let’s say George. I input the start time and the drop-off sequence, ensuring the system organizes them optimally to save time and resources.

Once routed, George receives immediate updates on his portal, showing the full itinerary. He can see the sequence from the first to the last drop-off, all mapped out with estimated times.

As an admin, I monitor these routes from the backend. I can adjust or reroute as needed, providing flexibility in our daily operations. This tool not only streamlines our delivery process but also ensures that George can deliver meals efficiently, enhancing our service reliability and client satisfaction.

Thank you for joining this tutorial. Explore SPEDSTA to boost your delivery management system, making each routing decision smarter and more efficient. Whether you’re handling meal deliveries or general drop-off services, our software manages it seamlessly.

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