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AI and Machine Learning for Transportation organizations

In a 2020 SPEDSTA survey of 150+ organizations providing transportation services to the elderly, special needs, and disabled community the #1 problem encountered was recruiting and retaining drivers and service providers. In the post-COVID era, this problem now impacts every part of the organization – from coordinators, managers, dispatchers, and volunteers. The figures are striking…
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How to make every non-profit board meeting boring and uneventful

Product “star” reviews are ubiquitous today and the ability to see the good and bad in any product or service is just a web click away. For example, most negative reviews on Amazon talk about after-delivery support. Suffice it to say if support is great, no one writes a review. If support is bad, however,…
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Don’t wait too long for you drivers to update their insurance cards

In 2018, 6% of all car insurance policyholders had a claim in the US. This was a total of 6.7, million claims with 1.9M being bodily injury claims and 4.8M being property damage claims. These facts can be a liability nightmare for organizations providing transportation for the special needs, disabled and elderly community. But it…
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