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Transportation Scheduling and Booking

Streamline Transportation Booking and Scheduling with Our All-in-One Platform

Say goodbye to manual booking processes and inefficient coordination. Our scheduling intelligence provides powerful tools and features that simplify your entire scheduling workflow, saving you time, effort, and resources. Experience the benefits of calendar visualization, allowing you to easily manage your transportation schedules with a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Choose between direct and broadcast booking options to assign rides efficiently and maximize response times. Customize parameters and settings to align with your scheduling practices, ensuring rides are scheduled according to your requirements. Benefit from automated features that optimize your schedules, considering driver availability, passenger preferences, and traffic conditions.

Simplify Booking with Calendar Visualization

Our platform incorporates calendar visualization, allowing you to easily view, plan, and manage your schedules. With a visual representation of your appointments and availability, you can make informed decisions and optimize your transportation resources effortlessly. Say goodbye to manual scheduling conflicts and hello to an intuitive booking experience.


Efficiently Assign Rides and Reach a Wide Pool of Drivers

With direct booking, you can assign rides to specific drivers, ensuring efficient resource allocation and personalized service. On the other hand, broadcast booking allows you to send ride requests to a pool of drivers, maximizing response times and expanding your transportation options

Connect and Sync with Your Existing Systems for Unified Scheduling

Our platform seamlessly integrates with various scheduling tools, allowing for a unified and synchronized booking experience. Whether you use Outlook, Google Calendar, or other platforms, our scheduling intelligence ensures that all your appointments are in one place, minimizing double bookings and saving you time.

Unlock Advanced Booking Features

From automated notifications and reminders to priority scheduling and customization options, our platform provides the flexibility and control you need to optimize your transportation operations. Integrate with other essential systems and services, such as payment gateways and GPS tracking, to simplify your workflow and enhance efficiency.

Efficient Fixed Route Scheduling: Enhancing Transportation Management for Group Travel

Do you find yourself responsible for coordinating transportation for groups of passengers going from one fixed address to another? Whether you’re overseeing the logistics for a Senior Living home taking residents to the local grocery store or a school arranging transportation for students attending events, Spedsta’s fixed route scheduling solution is designed to simplify the process and optimize efficiency.


Optimize Stops

Simplify the process with one-click stop, passenger, and address selection, ensuring reliable and efficient transportation services. Coordinate pickups for multiple passengers with unique requirements, achieving timely and convenient drop-offs. Our intelligent routing algorithm considers distance, traffic, and time constraints, minimizing fuel costs and maximizing driver time.



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