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Medication or Groceries? Starvation in America

Medication or Groceries? Starvation in America

According to, nearly 7.4 million seniors live below the poverty line. This leaves less than $240 to live on per week to pay for rising expenses in housing, utilities, and medical expenses. Imagine having to choose between groceries and your medication. This is the reality for our seniors today. Meals on Wheels programs help to solve food insecurity and other social determinants of health such as isolation, wellness visits and so much more leading to improved overall health outcomes of seniors who participate in these programs.

Senior Nutrition programs like Meals on Wheels are making an incredible impact on the lives of seniors in our communities. Seniors and those who may be homebound look forward to a hot meal and a friendly face every week. However, programs like this are finding it more and more difficult to operate with limited resources, funding, volunteers, and staff to support the increasing demands and rapid influx of seniors who need support. Sometimes it takes finding the right software to help lighten the load of the day to day operations, freeing up more time to spend with those in need.

The coordination of meals, addresses, and building the delivery routes not to mention managing the volunteers or staff to deliver the meals or food boxes is a lot of work! Having transportation scheduling software that helps you manage all of the details seamlessly while capturing important data needed for reporting is crucial to a successful program. It will also save you hours of work and headaches.

Smart routing is a tool that will calculate the route for your volunteers and staff to make the most efficient use of your time and resources. Volunteers and staff appreciate tools that are easy to use; trying to print out lists of addresses and entering them into your navigation is sometimes difficult to manage. A delivery software that allows the volunteer or staff to click on the address and open up navigation can be a gamechanger. Sometimes technology can be intimidating to volunteers, so the easier to use, the better.

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