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Flexible and empowering practices for your transportation service

Flexible and empowering practices for your transportation service

Staff asking to work remotely and have flexible working hours? Are they juggling more job responsibilities due to labor shortages and demand? These are common complaints from organizations trying to keep up with the demand for their transportation services. Your biggest resource today is your staff and these new realities force different hiring and managing practices to make sure you don’t lose them. Giving flexibility for transportation coordinators and managers to do things anytime and anywhere could be a key part of your success.

SPEDSTA has a bundle of software tools and features that allow this flexibility to happen so that your staff can focus on providing the very best transportation service:

  1. Fully mobile experience: all SPEDSTA tools are built to be 100% usable and fast on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. No longer does your staff have to be at the office or desk to manage rides. Empower them with the capabilities to do their job anywhere, even on their own mobile phone.
  2. Cloud-based phone dispatch center: having a central phone number for passengers, riders, and drivers to call is the norm for most organizations providing transportation. What is different about SPEDSTA’s phone service is our unique feature to make sure calls coming into your organization are never missed. Here are a couple of features that enable this benefit:
    1. Automatic forwarding of phone calls to dispatcher-on-duty: If you have remote or at-home staff, then coordinating those dispatchers during the work week or day can be complex. SPEDSTA makes this easy with an online portal that allows you to dynamically switch the main incoming number and then direct it to the appropriate dispatcher who is on duty. In a few clicks, your organization’s dispatch number becomes dynamically managed and your clients are delighted by always being able to reach somebody.
    2. After-hours voicemail and transcription: after-hours calling to your organization does happen and the ability to take those calls is critical when last-minute changes or exceptions happen. With SPEDSTA’s voice mail feature, not only does it act like a normal voicemail, but we also transcribe the voicemail into text and send it via email alerts to those that are responsible. By using email alerts, these can be handled discretely and as a background task without bothering the everyday activity of the staff.
    3. Staff phone extensions: add up to 10 extensions to your dispatch number which allows incoming passengers and drivers to reach specific people as needed. These extensions when dialed allow easy forwarding to the main voicemail or an individual’s mobile numbers. 
  3. SMS, Text, Email, Whatsapp, and voice message communications: SPEDSTA software platform integrates multiple ways for messages and communications to happen between passengers, drivers, dispatchers, and partner organizations. Having flexibility on which channel to use from any device when needed allows for fully real-time operations and in managing transportation that can be critical.

Flexibility in your operations means staff can better juggle their work-life activities and the bonus is that your clients can potentially get even better service.