Anybody Interested in a Driving Ban?

by | Traveling

Last month, Mexico City banned older cars driving on Saturday. In Paris, a recent decision will blanket most of the city in a 30 km/hour speed limit.  Since the 2008 Olympics, Beijing has various days where driving is banned for certain license plate numbers.  These cities are attempting to battle the smog and traffic congestion problems that plague their roads.

North America is no exception to this battle with the average person spending 90 minutes commuting in a car with 30 minutes stuck in traffic.  So will a ban help? Yes, probably…but that would be like burning the Constitution…people love their freedom to drive.  But sooner or later the tipping point will happen. Already companies have taken their own initiative like Shell in Houston which shuts down their office every Friday so people work from home and don’t take to the road. It might be uncomfortable to think about changing our driving habits now, but we are going to be a lot more stressed in the years to come sitting in traffic for hours.

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