Your 7-11 Slurpee and Car Sharing…Why They are So Similar

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(From Susi W, Spedsta Member in Toronto, Canada)

“Before the Ford Model T in 1908, most people didn’t travel more than 25 miles from home in their entire lifetime. Since then, the automobile has allowed us the freedom to choose where we live and work and play ” -Bill Ford, Former CEO of Ford

Although the car has given us the ability to travel large distances in the last 100+ years of its existence,  it is also an interesting fact that 95% of GDP is actually transacted locally in and around people’s neighborhoods.  This means that even though the car allows us to travel far, we prefer to actual make the majority of our daily transactions very close to home.  Take the local convenience store chain 7-11 which has over 10,000 locations centrally located in neighborhoods around the USA..their popularity is a known fact and it’s a simple matter of convenience  (and their slurpees) that makes them so popular. Convenience is king!

Convenience now may be the key that will make car sharing companies be successful or not. In Toronto, the battle between Car Sharing companies ZipCar and Car2Go are now beginning to show its results. Although the original Car Sharing company that started in America has been ZipCar since 2002, there has been a marked growth in Car2Go. The reason: Convenience.  A Spedsta member from Toronto recently reported that her switch to Car2Go was mainly around the fact the cars were close-by in proximity and easy to book (no advanced bookings)

This should be no surprise to those transportation engineering professional engineers in the world…one of the fundamental tenets of good public transit planning is making sure that the Bus Stops or Train Stops are accessible via walking to the public.  A rule of thumb is that anything beyond 5-10 minutes or 200-500 meters of walking will show a rapid drop-off in the perceived convenience of public transport.  Interestingly though, people tend to tolerate higher walk distances to Train Stops because these are more reliable in terms of their timetable.

RideSharing is not immune to these challenges of convenience. Stay tuned to Spedsta’s solution!


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