Why we don’t act like Bees when we go the Airport

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In a bee hive, the worker bees do most of the flying around hopping from flower to flower looking for Pollen to sustain their hive.  Can you imagine a situation where a worker bee lands on a flower takes a bit of pollen to fill his “pollen basket” about 25% full, then fly back past hundreds of flowers full of pollen to the hive without ever stopping on those flowers to fill his pouch to 100%….well, as humans studying a bee hive, we would probably find this behavior bizarre and amazingly inefficient. Why not drop by the next nearest flower and pick up some more pollen?

Now, lets imagine a scene where some Alien is studying the behavior of humans travelling to an airport by car, taxi, black car or other vehicle .  From his vantage point on his spaceship, we look like bees with the hive being the airport. In most cases, this Alien would see exactly this bizarre behavior of the rebel bee not picking up pollen from those nearby flowers just as most vehicles travelling to the airport are less than 25% full of people when they get to the airport. Why not pick up more people on the way to the airport?

In scientific fact, bees are mostly 100% full when they get back to the hive and human behavior seems to be nature’s exception to being efficient.  Some interesting facts:

-Today’s average vehicle occupancy on a car trip in the USA is estimated to be 1.4 people with an average of 5.2 seats per car

-The Los Angeles airport has 83,000 passengers travelling to the airport per day.

Although there is a large number of vehicles which are buses, taxis and others which have more than 1 people travelling to these airports yearly…why not fill these vehicles to 75% or even 100% capacity?

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