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Transportation options for Memory Care, Assisted Living and Independent Living homes

Transportation options for Memory Care, Assisted Living and Independent Living homes

Residents at Memory Care, Assisted Living, and Independent Living homes who have lost the ability to drive have a critical need to access reliable and safe transportation. Needing to get to the pharmacy, medical clinics, hospitals, and even general social destinations allows for better health outcomes. Usually, a 10-12 person bus, 4-6 passenger van, or 2-3 passenger sedans are part of an in-house transportation program that provides this access. Some typical models of transportation using such vehicles would include:

  • transporting many residents from one central location to another. This could be an Assisted Living home that transports its residents from the home to the grocery store.
  • picking up clients at the central residence location and then dropping them at different locations. This could be a drop-off of clients at medical clinics, hospitals, churches, etc.

To effectively manage such complex scheduling and reduce the burden of your staff and drivers to keep track of your client’s schedules and dropoff/pickup locations, SPEDSTA has created several routing and scheduling tools to help:

  1. Fixed route scheduling: select all your passengers and then assign them to a driver or vehicle in one click when going from one common location to another common location. This takes into account several scenarios where you might have a given paper list of passengers for a given ride/event or you are scheduling rides on a per-call basis. In both cases, SPEDSTA schedules all the passengers and then produces a manifest/stop list for the driver.
  2. Drop-off services: this allows you to schedule pickups from one central location and does dropoffs at different locations. For example, if we are picking at a central location and dropping off passengers A, B, and C, we might create a more optimized route and do dropoffs with this sequence B, A, C. SPEDSTA’s automatic route planning allows for the most efficient dropoff sequence.

Although these are the most common scenarios that SPEDSTA tools cover, your particular transportation program might have some special requirements for planning, scheduling, and routing. Contact us now to see how we might be able to help!