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A dispatch phone system built for transportation services

Being able to work anywhere and anytime is now a necessary part of everyday work life. The Covid19 pandemic accelerated this trend with the mandate of staff working from home but now some organizations have found long-term advantages with this approach and are keeping some of these practices intact. Higher staff productivity because of lack…
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Using driverless vehicles for people that cant drive

Going on a budget vacation can be a delicate juggling act between spending on hotels, meals, entertainment, and transportation. In my case, transportation usually is a low priority, and given the choice between a low-end economy rental car and a more expensive one I would usually prefer the cheaper of the two options. On a…
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Transportation options for Memory Care, Assisted Living and Independent Living homes

Residents at Memory Care, Assisted Living, and Independent Living homes who have lost the ability to drive have a critical need to access reliable and safe transportation. Needing to get to the pharmacy, medical clinics, hospitals, and even general social destinations allows for better health outcomes. Usually, a 10-12 person bus, 4-6 passenger van, or…
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Fixed route bus, van and sedan routing for Adult Day Care, Senior Centers, Recreation Centers and Community Transportation Programs

  Organizations that need to transport clients can have very specialized and nuanced ways to provide and schedule that transportation. Typically a 10-12 person bus, 4-6 passenger van, or 2-3 passenger sedans are part of their transportation program. Some typical models of transportation using such vehicles would include: -transporting many clients from one central location…
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Managing taxi services as part of your transportation program

  Transportation programs that provide rides to the elderly, special needs, and disabled community have a variety of potential ways to provide those rides. Options include volunteer drivers that use their vehicles, in-house owned vehicles such as buses/vans/sedans, Uber/Lyft ride-hailing services, or taxi services. The cost of these transportation options varies significantly from volunteer drivers…
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