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Mind blowing ways to do scheduling and calendar visualizations

It is estimated that 20-30% of the human brain is dedicated to visual processing. In an experiment conducted by brain researchers, it was found that it took as little as 12 points of a human outline shape for other people to determine it was a person. We are visual creatures and understanding through visual pictures…
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Flexible and empowering practices for your transportation service

Staff asking to work remotely and have flexible working hours? Are they juggling more job responsibilities due to labor shortages and demand? These are common complaints from organizations trying to keep up with the demand for their transportation services. Your biggest resource today is your staff and these new realities force different hiring and managing…
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The benefits (and necessity) of paper in a digital software world

The ubiquity of cellular 5G or 4G data service across North America is a boon for people to be connected at any-time and any-where. Whether you are in a car in the middle of Texas or on a highway in Alaska 98% of the time you are able to watch your favorite YouTube video without…
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Considerations when buying, building or maintaining transportation scheduling software

Consider the analogy by Alan Cooper (creator of one of the most popular computer languages on the planet) who said “Building a software program is like making a pile of bricks. The pile is one brick wide and 1,000 bricks tall with each brick laid right on top of the one preceding it. The tower…
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Simplifying the complexity of passenger payments, donations and ride accounting

With the passing of the American Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill in 2022, funding options for elderly, special needs, and disabled transportation programs have increased considerably for volunteer driver programs, Demand Response, Para-transit, and local community transportation programs. Although the exact distribution and management of those funds are still being worked out by the US Department of…
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AI and Machine Learning for Transportation organizations

In a 2020 SPEDSTA survey of 150+ organizations providing transportation services to the elderly, special needs, and disabled community the #1 problem encountered was recruiting and retaining drivers and service providers. In the post-COVID era, this problem now impacts every part of the organization – from coordinators, managers, dispatchers, and volunteers. The figures are striking…
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Don’t wait too long for you drivers to update their insurance cards

In 2018, 6% of all car insurance policyholders had a claim in the US. This was a total of 6.7, million claims with 1.9M being bodily injury claims and 4.8M being property damage claims. These facts can be a liability nightmare for organizations providing transportation for the special needs, disabled and elderly community. But it…
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