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Tag: non profit transportation services

Mind blowing ways to do scheduling and calendar visualizations

It is estimated that 20-30% of the human brain is dedicated to visual processing. In an experiment conducted by brain researchers, it was found that it took as little as 12 points of a human outline shape for other people to determine it was a person. We are visual creatures and understanding through visual pictures…
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The benefits (and necessity) of paper in a digital software world

The ubiquity of cellular 5G or 4G data service across North America is a boon for people to be connected at any-time and any-where. Whether you are in a car in the middle of Texas or on a highway in Alaska 98% of the time you are able to watch your favorite YouTube video without…
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Simplifying the complexity of passenger payments, donations and ride accounting

With the passing of the American Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill in 2022, funding options for elderly, special needs, and disabled transportation programs have increased considerably for volunteer driver programs, Demand Response, Para-transit, and local community transportation programs. Although the exact distribution and management of those funds are still being worked out by the US Department of…
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