SPEDSTA Invited to Join Innovation Panel at Seniorcare.com’s Aging Council

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Seniorcare.com has recently formed together a group of aging and health care related panels to debate and cross fertilize ideas to advance Senior related issues around health care, living and transportation. SPEDSTA has been delighted to be part of these Q&A panels and contribute to this group’s thought leadership on Senior Transportation related issues. Check out some of the latest questions and answers from Spedsta.com…

What Trends in Healthcare are truly going to be disruptive? Aging has long been considered an inevitable part of life. This assumption is now being seriously challenged by Google (Calico) and the Palo Alto Longevity Prize which are looking at aging as a trait that can be turned on and off. This will certainly be disruptive as 90% of ALL US health care dollars is spent in the last 2 years of life.

What are the most important pieces of information about a person that we should monitor today, to accurately predict ones healthcare needs 5, 10 and even 15 years from now? Can we use technology now to track these pieces of information and predict our future healthcare needs and costs?Kaiser Permanente’s “Care Anywhere” initiative is a bold vision of turning the home into an incredible place were future care is provided. Wearable devices is going to be a key part of that vision allowing people to monitor and act on health data on their own time.

As the aging population significantly increases over the next two decades, As the aging population significantly increases over the next two decades, suggest ways that America’s for-profit and not for profit organizations can utilize the skills of those that exit the workforce.People over 50 and 60 are starting businesses at twice the rate of people in their 20’s. Of the 65,000 caregivers at Homestead Senior Care 30% of them are seniors and 40% of their franchise owners are over 50. It maybe that traditional jobs are not where this aging demographic can make the most difference with their skills.

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