Sometimes the destination is not ALL that matters

by | Traveling

(from Aaron, Spedsta Team Member in Denver, CO)

Hitting the slopes for skiing and snowboarding in the Colorado Rockies is a common occurrence in the Winter. It is no surprise to see long snake-like car headlights on the highway heading toward the mountains on a late Friday night, with people eager to hit the slopes early on Saturday.  Depending upon your destination though, you can be looking at 1 to 2 hour commute and for some hard core skiers like myself, you go it alone.

I recently had an experience doing it alone and although the local radio station did its best to keep me entertained on my drive…I thought “There certainly were skiers and snowboarders driving alone, why couldn’t we just combine our drives and make this a much more pleasant and enjoyable experience.”. That’s where the Spedsta community can make the difference!

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