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Don’t let gas prices kick your a**

Americans under 40 are witnessing the highest inflation of their lifetimes. Not since the early 1980s have fuel prices risen as fast as they have over the last 12 months. This not only affects in-house owned vehicle fuel costs but also any drivers that you use for transportation services. Doing more with less is not…
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Attracting and retaining volunteer drivers

Scrooge might not have been the most ideal volunteer of his time.  He was frugal, cheap, and impatient. But like Scrooge, today’s modern volunteers are also struggling with the demands of their time and their wallets. With gas prices high and extra time a luxury, can you get the most from your volunteers while respecting…
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Medication or Groceries? Starvation in America

According to, nearly 7.4 million seniors live below the poverty line. This leaves less than $240 to live on per week to pay for rising expenses in housing, utilities, and medical expenses. Imagine having to choose between groceries and your medication. This is the reality for our seniors today. Meals on Wheels programs help…
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Tactics on Fundraising and Volunteer Recruiting

SPEDSTA Special Video Series on alternative ideas for fundraising and volunteer recruiting: Contact us for a special eBook series where we go into specific day-to-day tactics on driver recruiting and fundraising in the digital world. If you like this post, then please check out our other thoughts at or email us at

Spedsta Launches FundMyParents: CrowdFunding for the Family of Elderly Parents

Sally grew up in a small suburban area. She met a wonderful guy and they decided to move to a bigger city with more opportunity. They both got their dream jobs, bought a nice brownstone apartment and set about having a family. What happens next is what is happening to millions of Americans today. Their…
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Granny Tech: How to teach your 65 year old mother to use the iPad

In Bangladesh of the 1980s, people were dirt poor.  Around that time, Muhammad Yunus created the Grameen Bank and took it upon himself through micro loans to empower the poor out of poverty in Bangladesh over the next 30 years.  What was surprising about his success story was that the problem he truly solved was…
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How to Get a 20 Year Sabbatical Before Retiring

The financial crash of 2008 was the best thing that happened to thinking around retirement. Although it virtually halved almost everyone’s personal retirement savings at the time it also shone a very clear spotlight on people’s fragile concept of retirement and security. No longer was it a given that you save while you work in…
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What Does Going to Mars and Volunteer Driving Have in Common?

There are not many places where I get good ideas but the best seem to come from when I am in the 3 B’s…bed, bath or bus. This is a time when the mind is wandering and combining different ideas to come up with new (and sometimes bizarre) ideas. Amazon Jeff Bezos once said “you…
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An Auto Company that Truly Cares About the Elderly

There isnt a car commercial that I dont love. They are beautifully made, stunning and rapidly pulls me into the emotion of owning a car through its face paced music, beautiful people and gorgeous landscapes.  Unfortunately although the elderly which make up a large chunk of the spending on cars through their children are largely neglected…
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Which City is Leading the Nation in Senior Innovations?

Habits are hard to break.  Picking up a landline phone to talk to someone, reading a newspaper and even watching TV is something that is part of the daily routine of most Seniors over the age of 70. These are habits and routines that have been built up over a lifetime and are not easy…
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