SPEDSTA Senior Transportation Mentioned By Aging Expert on Huffington Post

Americans historically have watched 200 Billion hours of TV every year with their free time. Although this statistic is staggering it is insignificant compared to the surplus of time that are being added by the 10,000 Americans who are turning 65 and retiring every day for the next 15 years. The number one asset that this cohort of the population has is time and they are looking for new ways to use it that allow them to contribute to their community while still feeling productive and useful.  The perfect vehicle for this need maybe the age-old and innately human act of volunteering.

In a recent article by the Huffington Post and SeniorCare.com, they explored how technology that is driving the Sharing Economy could have a large impact on making Senior Care more efficient and affordable.


But the impact doesn’t have to be completely reliant on sharing of things like cars and houses, it is also about sharing of time and that is where volunteerism at Senior Care and Senior Transportation organizations will get a huge benefit from.  Check out the Huffington Post article and get a sense of how volunteer driver programs could benefit from Mobile App technology that is powering the modern Sharing Economy but also can be used to attract that retiring cohort looking to make a difference.

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