Spedsta Releases Volunteer Driving App on Apple Appstore

Spedsta Senior Transportation and Ridesharing has announced their Dispatch and Ride Scheduling software has been released to the Apple App Store. Senior organizations such as senior centers, senior homes and other elderly care centers will now be able to coordinate rides for their senior community directly through Spedsta’s IOS mobile app.

Senior organizations commonly provide fixed weekday hours for their elderly members to book rides with their ride coordinators and managers. While this service is welcome by their communities, the lack of flexibility in hours and advanced scheduling limit the usefulness of the service to some people. By using a mobile app now ride coordinators have the flexibility to monitor and book senior transportation rides on a more dynamic basis. For more information please see: http://spedsta.com/landing-page-Senior-Transportation.html

The App also contains new features to help volunteer drivers manage their ride schedules even better with real time notifications, location awareness and flexible scheduling.

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