Spedsta Releases Senior Transportation App on Android Play Store


Spedsta Senior Transportation and Ridesharing has announced their Dispatch and Ride Scheduling software has been released to the Google Android App Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spedsta.androidapp) .  This app release will allow family members of seniors a unique way to help their elderly parents navigate loss of their car and provide alternative senior transportation options through volunteer drivers and other paid drivers.

As family members of Seniors and the Senior make decisions around what type of transportation to use next, most options center around traditional public transportation and regional volunteer driving programs. While these are great options most times this is left to the senior to coordinate. Now with Spedsta’s Senior Transportation App the family can now participate by booking scheduled rides directly for their senior parent online. Accessing both professional drivers and volunteer drivers gives added flexibility to existing senior transportation programs and allows the family to provide more help to their senior parent.

The Spedsta Android App also has a wealth of features to make volunteer drivers coordinate their ride schedules better, get seamless and faster reimbursement and provide better experience for the Senior passenger.


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