Spedsta Recognized as one of the “Best Apps of December 2015” by Discovery Channel

As part of the increasing recognition and importance of serving the growing and aging population, Discovery Channel in association with NewsWatch will be airing a special on technology and Senior Transportation on December 18. The special will highlight the recognition of the Spedsta Ride Management Tools and Passenger/Driver App as one of the Best Apps of December 2015.

With over half a million Seniors reluctantly losing their drivers license every year due to physical impairment, affordability or otherwise, family members are struggling to maintain the independence and mobility of their elderly parents. Senior Care, Senior Home and non-profit organizations which have a mission to assist the elderly are also challenged with their Senior Transportation programs to keep them efficient and affordable while still providing a service that is accessible and useful.

By using Mobile App technology and software tools, elderly transportation is taking a new direction which allows for better connection between seniors, family members, senior organizations and transportation services such as volunteer, paid and fleet drivers. No longer does a Senior need to be stranded without access to transportation on their own schedule and terms.   Check out the Discovery Channel special which is airing across the USA on December 18, 2015 at 7AM/EST/PST!

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