Spedsta Launches FundMyParents App: CrowdFunding for the Family of Elderly Parents


Sally grew up in a small suburban area. She met a wonderful guy and they decided to move to a bigger city with more opportunity. They both got their dream jobs, bought a nice brownstone apartment and set about having a family. What happens next is what is happening to millions of Americans today. Their parents are getting older and are in need of care. Geographic distance shatters any hope of direct care but financial support has some hope of working. The siblings and extended family of Sally come together to pool their resources and money to help out but with the large effort in coordinating cash and checks, nothing really happens.

40% of Baby Boomers have no savings and 30% who are currently retired are living entirely off of social security. Add in that 60% of elderly people over the age of 85 have some sort of dementia the financial pressures of daily living and medical costs are escalating.   Spedsta has put together an alternative for those families struggling with coordinating financial support for their elderly parents.  Children and concerned relatives can now pool money instantly or on a regular basis to help with transportation, daily living or any other financial needs of their parents. Payouts can be made directly to reimburse service providers by the family or at the discretion of the elderly senior.

If you’re curious about this can work for you, tag this link on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and sign up for early access to our Pre-alpha software version.


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