Spedsta Contributes to new eBook on “Practical Guidance for Managing, Motivating and Engaging the Modern Volunteer Driver”

Driving Seniors to scheduled doctor’s appointments, grocery trips and events can be all part of empowering the Senior with an independent and active lifestyle when they experience a loss of drivers license or impaired mobility. Non-profit, city and regional organizations looking to enable such a robust and reliable senior transportation program engage many different transportation options to assist the Seniors and Elderly people they serve. This includes the capability to dispatch and schedule rides with paid drivers, taxis, rideshare drivers and volunteer drivers.

Check out some tactics to manage, motivate and recruit drivers for your Senior Transportation Program in this new eBook released from SPEDSTA. In the eBook, you will learn:

–Ways to deepen the engagement with volunteer drivers

–3 ways to reduce the friction to recruit and train new volunteer drivers.

–How to increase volunteer driver awareness of rides and participation


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