Senior & Elderly Transportation Provider in San Diego Looks to Help More Seniors

Transportation is the second largest expense for an American household after buying a home. Unfortunately that $25 per day (which is the average cost for owning a vehicle) is mostly wasted as a car sits empty for 90% of the time. A San diego organization which provides transportation for Seniors has taken another step in its journey to more efficiently use vehicle capacity and transportation dollars by partnering with SPEDSTA’S mobile app software.

The organization has been an innovative leader in the San Diego region for over 10 years providing in excess of 30,000 rides per year for the elderly and Senior population in the area. As the population of Seniors increase in the regionĀ  over the next years this valuable service will be even more sought after. Becoming more efficient while providing more rides will allow them to address this challenge.

“An important objective for any non-profit organization is to make sure that they conserve their resources while making sure that as many Seniors can be served as possible” says Harsh Wanigaratne of SPEDSTA. “We are happy to be part of this effort to make sure that no Senior person experiences isolation and can access safe, reliable and convenient transportation”. SPEDSTA’S contribution will include its mobile app that will allow seniors to connect with transportation providersĀ  and ride management tools to book rides, screen drivers, manage payments and create reports.

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