New eBook released! 5 Tips to Stretch Your Senior Transportation Budget

The Senior populations number one challenge today is accessing safe and reliable transportation in a convenient manner. With over half a million Seniors reluctantly losing their drivers license every year due to physical impairment, affordability or otherwise, family members are struggling to maintain the independence and mobility of their elderly parents. Senior Care, Senior Home and non-profit organizations which have a mission to assist the elderly are also challenged with their Senior Transportation programs to keep them efficient and affordable while still providing a service that is accessible and useful.

As this grey tsunami marches on with 10,000 people turning 65 every day for the next 15 years, conventional means of managing these programs through pencil/paper, excel spreadsheets and even first generation software are meeting the limitations of these “tried and true” methods. Senior organizations can scale with more money but that is more and more unlikely in budget constrained environments where cost recovery and containment are key metrics for basic continued funding. To learn more about how Modern Mobile App technology and software can help to solve these budget challenges… check out this free eBook!

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