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How to make every non-profit board meeting boring and uneventful

How to make every non-profit board meeting boring and uneventful

Product “star” reviews are ubiquitous today and the ability to see the good and bad in any product or service is just a web click away. For example, most negative reviews on Amazon talk about after-delivery support. Suffice it to say if support is great, no one writes a review. If support is bad, however, watch out!  The lesson for any organization today is to provide support to clients throughout their experience with your product or service. Here are a couple of ideas on how to make sure your Board of Directors is happy not only with your on-budget performance but also with your client’s experience with your transportation service. 

HIPAA COMPLIANCE. The last thing the board wants are legal or other exposure to the confidentiality of clients’ Personal Health Information. Having proper processes in place around getting permission to store such information is the first step. The second step is to make sure that all that data is private and secure in your software platform through proper use of access credentials, encryption and data transport security. 

CLIENT COMMUNICATION:  It can be very hard to understand how your transportation clients are viewing your service.  Late pickups, late drop-offs,  unsafe driving practices, and a host of other variables can contribute to a bad experience and stories trickling up to your Board on how your transportation service is lacking.  The ability to constantly communicate with your riders and passengers is a key to making sure everything runs smoothly. This can be through email, voicemails, SMS/text, or phone calls. From the moment the ride is booked through to getting feedback on the ride, making sure everyone is aware of what is happening is key to your “5-star’ rating.

ROBUST AND RELIABLE SCHEDULING SYSTEM: Spreadsheets are a common tool used to run transportation programs during the beginning stages of the service. As things progress, it becomes clear though that it takes a tremendous amount of manual effort to make sure things are tracked, organized, and managed so that the service runs without massive interruptions, hiccups, and downtime. Having a modern scheduling infrastructure that isn’t tied down to a single person, a single computer, or software built 20 years ago ensures that clients receive a solid service with the least amount of invested staff hours.

Check out some of the ways SPEDSTA can help: 

  • customers receive a full HIPAA document showing in detail how we ensure security and confidentiality for your client’s information
  • our software platform supports inexpensive ways that your staff can communicate with clients, drivers, and service providers. This includes automated SMS/Text messaging, automated voice calls, emails, and a dispatch phone service that allows for voicemail transcription to text, phone call routing, and more.
  • we are built with modern software technology that allows us to achieve unprecedented uptime, the ability to customize features, and is inexpensive to operate which means lower cost to you. Included in our support is an onboarding process which includes dedicated Project Manager support after signup, unlimited support, and access to a variety of self-help videos and training material.


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