How to have a Safe and Enjoyable Rideshare

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Modern media channels such as TV, Newspapers, Magazines and Radio provide a service to the public by  finding, aggregating, selecting and distributing information. In many cases, this information is curated by editors, producers and journalists only exposing certain messages to the public. This paradigm of the last 400 years (from the advent of the printing press) has been slowly eroded by the internet which has lowered the barrier for anyone to publish their thoughts and messages into channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, Email and many others.  The public can either listen to these sources of information or not and most of this decision is based on whether the source of information can be trusted.

On a recent flight from Florida, I met someone who had experienced “ridesharing” in a corporate environment at a major US Retailer.  With a commute of over an hour the initial motivation was to look at how to save on the commute cost and also not deal with the stress of traffic.  To search for her RideShare partner, the company had setup an internal website to encourage the practice.  Her first experience was to contact some people and she hit on an ideal partner which lasted over a year. Her next RideShare partners were then found through word of mouth.   The initial hurdle was how to trust those RideShare partners and ensure her safety and security with an unknown person…which is really another way of saying…how can you trust the person? At the time, the only way was by meeting the person and getting to know them.

Just like the media channels of the past, the key to trust in a RideShare environment is information and reputation. Internet companies such as Ebay and Amazon have perfected the fact that people can trust sellers based on reviews and ratings. People don’t think twice (well, maybe a little) about entering a taxi and the safety/security that it offers.  This same paradigm will shift the way security and safety is seen in a RideSharing environment. Stayed tuned to Spedsta’s solution!


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