Doing the move

by | Spedsta Stories

From Jevan G. (Spedsta team member in Alberta, Canada)

Long distance moving can be an experience like going to the dentist..painful but it sometimes needs to get done.  Rent a U-haul truck, pack up your things and away you go off to a new challenge in a distance land. Well…it could be that way. I recently moved from Fort Mucmurray (for those who don’t know where that is…it’s a place in Canada who has got the equivalent of Saudi Arabia trapped in oil sands) to Edmonton.  The ride one-way in U-haul truck was 5 hours going from Edmonton to Fort McMurray…and of course 5 hours on the way back.   You can do a lot of thinking for 10 hours..but it would have been nice to have a Spedster along for the ride!

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