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Better manage your NEMT transportation services anywhere and at anytime

Better manage your NEMT transportation services anywhere and at anytime

Your and your team’s time is a scarce resource when running a NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) service that is based on pillars of safety, reliability, and efficiency. If any one of those pillars becomes weak, your service’s success and ultimately your client’s satisfaction with your service can be at risk. To run your business in a low-cost lean manner while still respecting your client’s needs to get to places on time, reliably, and safely using technology is a key enabler. From the intake of new passengers (and drivers), executing those rides, and managing the costs/payments having a technology platform that allows your staff to focus on client needs as opposed to the mechanics of transportation scheduling makes you a differentiated and valuable partner in your client’s lives. 

SPEDSTA’s software platform was built on the premise of giving you the ultimate flexibility in running your services. 

  1. Dispatch coordination anywhere and anytime: missing passenger calls or getting calls after-hours to your service can be a difficult thing to manage. Typically it just takes one bad experience either in that initial contact or first rides that will be an indicator if that client will come back. With SPEDSTA’s Phone Dispatch service, you get one phone number that is automatically distributed to your staff as needed, SMS/Voice messaging, and voicemail transcription so that communication is never missed. 
  2. Passenger payments: having flexible options on how passengers pay ultimately signals to your customer that you are thinking about how to serve them best. Most likely 80% of the time, credit card payments at the time of the booking will be the norm. But as you encounter different demographics of customers it might make sense to do monthly payments or receive checks or even cash. Having flexibility in how rates are calculated on an individual basis such as pick-up charges, minimum charges, etc promotes a better-tailored experience for the client. All this is bundled into the base platform of SPEDSTA.
  3. Efficient use of vehicles, fuel, and driver time: These are the most important and also most expensive assets of your service. Managing these assets efficiently makes your service sustainable and profitable in the long run. Automatic Route planning, exception handling, error communications, dynamic real-time ride scheduling, and performance monitoring allow you to take action to continually reduce costs while providing a better service.

If you have already been doing NEMT services for a long time or just starting your local service, then thinking about the tips above might just you the advantage you are looking for.