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A dispatch phone system built for transportation services

A dispatch phone system built for transportation services

Being able to work anywhere and anytime is now a necessary part of everyday work life. The Covid19 pandemic accelerated this trend with the mandate of staff working from home but now some organizations have found long-term advantages with this approach and are keeping some of these practices intact. Higher staff productivity because of lack of commuting time and better work-life balance which lead to higher levels of engagement are all advantages never before seen on such a mass scale. To keep up with these changes, transportation service providers are also seeking to adapt their tools to this trend. One such area is around phone dispatching and although there are many Voice-over-IP providers these systems are all built for small or medium-sized business offices and ways of working. SPEDSTA has taken a different approach and built a ground-up phone system that is low-cost but also very specific to the new needs of transportation services.

Here are a couple of features and benefits:

  1. Ability to dynamically manage and route your main dispatch phone number to different dispatchers’ mobile or home numbers. This allows for your dispatcher staff to be able to work remotely at home or in different locations, yet still have one inbound number that all your passengers call into. For example, when their particular shift starts any given dispatcher can change the routing to their specific phone number so that seamless phone service occurs.
  2. Not only can the main number be set up with a normal greeting, but up to 10 extensions can be set up for one low cost. So when callers are calling in to try to get to someone specific this can also be routed automatically through extension dialing.
  3. Being able to be reachable to your passenger and driver community continually can be tough to manage. To help solve this problem during after-office hours, voicemails can be left by your community that automatically get transcribed from voice to text and then sent via email to administrators and dispatchers. Critical communication such as missed rides and cancellations can then always be handled when needed.
  4. Recordings of voicemails and messages that might not be picked up by the dispatcher on duty can also be managed via administrators who are backups to those primary dispatchers. Push notifications can be sent directly to mobile, tablet, and PC devices on all inbound call traffic.
  5. With the recent increase in mobile phone SMS/Text messaging, SPEDSTA also provides a Direct Messaging module that allows emails, SMS/Text messages, and text-to-voice messages to be directly sent to individual passengers/drivers or groups of passengers/drivers.

Transportation services that are navigating a newer world of communication demands could find some benefit in a refresh of their phone dispatch capability. Contact us at SPEDSTA to see how we can help.