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Month: November 2022

A dispatch phone system built for transportation services

Being able to work anywhere and anytime is now a necessary part of everyday work life. The Covid19 pandemic accelerated this trend with the mandate of staff working from home but now some organizations have found long-term advantages with this approach and are keeping some of these practices intact. Higher staff productivity because of lack…
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Mind blowing ways to do scheduling and calendar visualizations

It is estimated that 20-30% of the human brain is dedicated to visual processing. In an experiment conducted by brain researchers, it was found that it took as little as 12 points of a human outline shape for other people to determine it was a person. We are visual creatures and understanding through visual pictures…
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Using driverless vehicles for people that cant drive

Going on a budget vacation can be a delicate juggling act between spending on hotels, meals, entertainment, and transportation. In my case, transportation usually is a low priority, and given the choice between a low-end economy rental car and a more expensive one I would usually prefer the cheaper of the two options. On a…
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