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Reliable transportation is one of the greatest obstacles to quality senior care and aging in place. Organizations from around the country strive to provide greater personal independence to seniors and other underserved communities through reliable transportation. With the last of the 77 million baby boomers in America set to retire by 2029, the burden of providing reliable transportation and allowing seniors to age in place will continue to grow and place additional strain on community resources.

Spedsta was created in response to the variety of challenges that transportation poses in the senior care space. Spedsta is a web-based automated dispatch platform that aids non-profit organizations in reducing transportation costs, streamlining dispatch, and facilitating greater senior independence. Since each organization is as unique as the population that they serve, Spedstas platform supports a variety of customization options. Whether you rely upon a volunteer driving pool for senior transportation, or has access to a Paratransit Bus or van, Spedsta allows a dispatcher to quickly book or manage a ride, easily communicate with a driver or passenger, plan multiple drop-off routes, and much more.

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